Action NAFTA is taking in relation to the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic

NAFTA is fully aware of the danger from the spreading pandemic and is taking the most responsible approach possible to minimize its potential impact. The organizational and technical measures taken are in some areas beyond the scope of regulations issued by competent institutions.

The company’s main priority is above all to protect the health of its employees and ensure that the natural gas storage system remains fully functional both for customers and for Slovakia’s energy security. 

In connection with the COVID-19 epidemic, NAFTA has developed a comprehensive plan for it to operate under various scenarios for the spread of the disease and to manage in this situation. A crisis team has been assembled to monitor the situation daily, communicate with public institutions and take action to safeguard the health of our staff, while ensuring that all contractual obligations are fulfilled.

The physical presence of employees at individual workplaces has been restricted by the company, with different shifts working strictly separately. Furthermore, in the interest of protecting the health of NAFTA employees, business trips have been significantly curtailed since early March. Administrative staff are recommended to substitute face-to-face conferences and meetings with electronic means of communication. The company has adopted internal rules for using home offices so some staff can currently work from home while at the same time caring for children.

To guarantee smooth operations, it is necessary for some personnel to be working directly at sites. Here protective equipment and disinfectants have been provided to safeguard their health. Likewise, NAFTA is also regularly disinfecting surfaces at these workplaces. The company has also put restrictions in place for contractors and suppliers carrying out their work.

The company has ensured the flow of information since the onset of the emergency so personnel can receive current news and access to ordered measures. Technology is controlled to a large extent remotely with system redundancies.

The introduction of timely and adequate precautionary measures is enabling NAFTA a.s. to meet all its contractual obligations with no limitations.

In these challenging times, we wish all employees, customers and their family members good health.