NAFTA held regular training of mine rescuers

Bratislava, 28.5.2015 - NAFTA a.s., the most significant underground gas storage operator in Slovakia, organized its regular training of mine rescuers today at its training site in Lozorno. The training focused on dealing with an accident during a well workover.

NAFTA operates a unique rescue unit - the Mine Rescue Service Department, whose members undertake training for various accident responses every year. ´The training proceeded in accordance with the Emergency Plan of the company and helped to prove the cooperation of rescue units in a crisis situation´, stated Michal Ševera, director of the service division.

The high preparedness of the Main Mining Rescue Station´s members supports the commitment of the company regarding the safety of its operation and its responsibility to the environment in which it operates. Rescuers from cooperating rescue stations also took part in the training. In total, 71 rescuers participated in the training and special equipment was used.
The secure and safe operation of the underground gas storage facilities is critical regarding health and the environment, and is also an important tool to ensure the energy security of Slovakia. This was demonstrated last winter, when the underground storage facilities of NAFTA played an important role in minimizing the impact of reductions in gas supplies from the East to Slovakia.

NAFTA is a modern company with extensive experience in natural gas storage and underground gas storage facilities development in Slovakia and is the Slovak leader in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons. The combination of favourable geological conditions and the advantageous location of NAFTA’s underground storage facilities close to the transmission system supplying gas to countries neighbouring Slovakia creates ideal conditions for becoming one of the key hubs in the European gas network.