NAFTA signs a cooperation agreement with OMV

NAFTA a.s. signed a cooperation agreement with OMV Austria Exploration & Production GmbH in the Austrian town of Gänserndorf on the 22 August 2018.
The representatives of both energy companies took part in the meeting in order to sign the agreement. The ceremonial signing of the cooperation agreement was preceded by the introductory presentations by representatives of both companies, focusing on key activities of NAFTA and OMV.
The purpose of the agreement between NAFTA and OMV is to define the terms and conditions for granting mutual support in the event of an emergency situation occurring in the future. Both companies are ready to help each other by allocating their technology or human resources in order to increase efficiency in eliminating the emergency situation.
NAFTA has a unique rescue unit, the Mine Rescue Service (HBZS), in the event of an emergency. The Mine Rescue Service is part of the Integrated Rescue System of the Slovak Republic and provides services at two levels: The Factory Mine Rescue Station, made up of operational staff, and the Main Mines Rescue Station, which has professional miners rescuers. “The members of the Mine Rescue Stations regularly practice handling of different types of emergency situations, also in co-operation with other rescue teams. At the same time, the Mine Rescue Stations have facilities that include their own intervention vehicles, long-distance water pumps and special technical facilities,” said Ing. Ladislav Goryl, Director of Underground Gas Storage Division.