Press Release: Security of gas supplies and expansion of storage capacity in 2014

NAFTA a.s. operating underground natural gas storage facilities which is the Slovak leader in the field of exploration and production of hydrocarbons ended the year 2014 with a profit after tax totalling 89 million EUR. Due to various external and geopolitical factors, the past year reconfirmed the growing importance and the irreplaceable role of underground storing of natural gas not only from the aspect of energy stability of Slovakia, but also from the European perspective
The key activity of NAFTA a.s. from the aspect of revenues as well as profit creation was in 2014 again the underground storing of natural gas. The volume of NAFTA a.s. investments reached the total of 13.1 million EUR, with the invested resources being mainly directed at exploration wells, ensuring operation and increasing safety and reliability of underground gas storage facilities.

Even in an environment of changing conditions on the gas market, NAFTA a.s. tries to constantly improve its services when it comes to gas storage. After the completion of the third stage of the Gajary-báden Project in 2014, the storage capacity of NAFTA reached 2.6 bcm which represents more than one half of the annual gas consumption in Slovakia. This increase in capacity confirms the pledge of the company to provide more flexibility and better services to its clients.

The company made an important step last year towards potential innovative storing of energy, when it became a partner of the Austrian company, RAG, on a project of storing energy from renewable sources in form of natural gas and hydrogen mixture.
NAFTA made great progress last year also in the area of hydrocarbon exploration and production. The company realised extensive 3D seismic measuring in the area of Kúty and drilled 7 exploration wells. At the same time, it started preparatory works for the construction of a new gas gathering centre in Záhorská Ves. The gas production in 2014 reached the level of 90 million m3 and the volume of oil production was 9 thousand tons.

NAFTA also focuses on the identification of suitable projects on international markets where it sees possible potential, not only when it comes to building underground storage facilities, but also to offering geological and technical expertise, deposit engineering and services of underground repairs of probes and wells. In 2014, NAFTA focused mainly on projects in the territory of the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Turkey and Germany.

Nafta had 703 employees as of 31st of December 2014.
NAFTA a.s. is the key underground gas storage company in Slovakia and at the same time the Slovak leader in the field of exploration and production of hydrocarbons. The majority shareholder of NAFTA a.s. owning 56.15% of shares is SPP Infrastructure, a. s., Czech Gas Holding Investment B.V. owns 40.45% of shares.