Pupils Have a Lot to Look For, They Have New School Facilities Thanks to NAFTA


The pupils in Malacky are back to school with new equipment. Modern education facilities, upgraded sports ground or a refurbished school are just a couple of novelties used by pupils and pedagogues at 8 schools.
The new furnishing and facilities are used by schools thanks to financial grants of NAFTA a s. and the SPP Foundation. In addition to the reconstruction of buildings, support of the education process, school and after school activities, the company helped implement projects to improve the lives of disadvantaged students, research activities, launching the fiber Internet or a permanent exhibition of the ecosystem and geological samples. „NAFTA wants to support education of young people and motivate them so that they enjoy school. Most of our activities take place in the Malacky region, therefore we supported projects of kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools and an after school activity centre. The money used for the benefit of students and pedagogues is an excellent investment in young generation representing high potential for the society. We are very happy that schools can offer more opportunities for education to its students and employees thanks to our company,“ said Pierre Poncik, chairman of the board of directors of NAFTA.
The city of Malacky was involved in the upgrade of school facilities too. The mayor Mr. Jozef Ondrejka is happy about the result: „I highly appreciate that successful companies in our region are investing in an area like schooling. I can only enjoy the success of the young Malacky secondary grammar school students at the UNO conference or the huge interest of kids in the environmental competition. I hope that the young Malacky citizens will continue to perform well and to find support from companies like NAFTA or SPP.“
A special subject called experimental sciences is taught at the Secondary Grammar School in Malacky where the students undertake research projects and work with modern measuring devices. NAFTA together with the SPP Foundation granted money to the school which was used to purchase special measuring devices and sensors for the „Monitor the Environment“ project. „We are carrying out measurements for the population in the region, for example readings of the quality of the drinking water. At this year´s UN conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, we were awarded the Slovak Winner for 2012 award on the World Environment Day,“ headmistress Elena Krajčírová emphasises.
The education method Snoezeln is designed for handicapped pupils and was provided this school year by the Spojená škola v Malackách. „Thanks to the support of NAFTA and the SPP Foundation, we can create a white relaxation and rehabilitation room with a dominating musical water chair. It means a lot for us, as it allows children to perceive vibrations, sounds, it is soothing, delivers maximum comfort, develops gross and fine motor skills“ explains Mária Míznerová, headmistress of the school.
An application was also filed by the After School Activity Centre (CVČ) at Malacky. The money they obtained was used to purchase prizes to be awarded under environmental competitions „Plastic World“ and „The Living Planet“. According to the director of the CVČ Alžbeta Šurinová, each competition had more than 100 contestants: „Both competitions have become a tradition now and thanks to Nafta´s support, we were able to buy richer prizes for the winners as well as a camera and a computer..“
NAFTA, a. s., helped to solve lasting problems at the elementary school in the Záhorácka Street. It supported the school with a grant under the Safe and Nice Classroom project. „We obtained money to remove and replace the unsuitable flooring in classrooms. We want to fix these defects gradually, especially because of safety and to protect the health of pupils and employees of the school. We are very happy that Nafta will help us with this financial amount to eliminate the defects and disaster situations at school, albeit only partially“, said the headmistress of the school Gabriela Emrichová.
NAFTA understands its social responsibility and thus it supports many public projects especially in the area of safety and careful treatment of the environment, and projects covering health protection, education and development of cultural values. It supports community and regional development especially in locations where it is operating its business.