The unique rescue unit of NAFTA has demonstrated its preparedness again

Bratislava, 20 June 2019 - NAFTA a.s. company (NAFTA), the most important operator of underground natural gas storage facilities in Slovakia, organizes training events for mine rescuers within the Lozorno training premises on a regular basis. This year, the training focused on extinguishing a gas well fire and special works on wells.

Members of the Main Mine Rescue Station of the NAFTA company undertake training for various accident responses regularly. This year, members of DHZ Pole, a volunteer fire fighters association, joined our mine rescuers and in addition to mine rescuers´ preparedness, the training demonstrated also their reliable coordination with other rescue forces in emergency situations.

“Organization of training for mine rescuers on a regular basis has become our tradition.  The highly professional preparedness of members of our unique rescue team confirms the commitment of the NAFTA company to secure safety within its plants and to behave responsibly towards the environment in which the company operates,” said Martin Bartošovič, the CEO of NAFTA a.s. 

More than 60 rescuers using special technical equipment participated in the training. Their role was to extinguish a gas fire while carrying out work on a well. “The training of mine rescuers met its objective and demonstrated to the professionals in this field the action readiness and professionalism of our rescue forces,” Ing. Ladislav Goryl, Director of Underground Gas Storage Division, added. 

Reliable and safe operation of underground gas storage is important in terms of protecting the health of local residents and the environment, while also being a fundamental tool in Slovakia’s energy security.



NAFTA is an international company with extensive experience natural gas storage and underground facility development and, at the same time, it is the Slovak leader in exploration and production of hydrocarbons. The majority shareholder of NAFTA a.s. owning 56.15% of shares is SPP Infrastructure, a. s., Czech Gas Holding Investment B.V. owns 40.45% of shares.