NAFTA organized traditional training of mining rescuers

NAFTA a.s., the largest operator of underground gas storage in Slovakia, held a regular training of mining rescuers, in cooperation with the Fire and Rescue Service of the Slovak Republic and the invited voluntary fire brigades. The training was held near the gathering station ZS 1 Suchohrad in the Malacky district. This time, the training was focused on long-distance transport of water to the well Suchohrad 22, which served as the simulated accident site.
Members of the Main Mine Rescue Station of NAFTA attend the trainings focused on elimination of various accidents every year. It's a unique rescue unit, which was established more than 30 years ago and currently covers 84 mining rescuers. Rescuers from the Fire and Rescue Service of the Slovak Republic and the invited voluntary fire brigades DHZ Pole and DHZ Gajary joined this year's training as well. The training, utilizing special equipment, was therefore attended by 47 rescuers in total. Their task was to simulate dampening of surroundings of the well, to prevent its ignition. The aim of the training, among other things, was to verify the possibility of drawing water from a distant water source and its transport to the well.
"Today's training was conducted according to the Emergency plan of the company and it helped to verify the preparedness of our rescuers and necessary equipment, as well as the cooperation of all involved rescue teams in a crisis situation," said Michal Ševera, Director of Services Division of NAFTA, after the conclusion of the training. The high preparedness of the members of the Main Mine Rescue Station confirms the commitment of NAFTA to ensure the safety of its operations and to act responsibly towards the environment in which it operates. 
Reliable and safe operation of underground gas storage is not only important in terms of protecting human health and the environment, but is also one of the key tools for ensuring energy security of Slovakia.