Annual exercise again confirms readiness of NAFTA’s mining rescuers

8th June 2017 - NAFTA a.s. has held its traditional training of mining rescuers. The training took place at its site near Lozorno, where the mining rescuers practiced along with members of the Slovak Fire and Rescue Corps and invited volunteer fire brigades. The training focused on response to a gas eruption with fire during the well workover.
In order to ensure maximum safety in underground gas storage, NAFTA has a special rescue force available at its Main Mine Rescue Station, whose members each year practice responding to different types of accidents. "Today's training again showed the readiness of our rescuers to respond to any critical situation in a timely and absolutely professional manner,” said NAFTA Services Division Director Michal Ševera after the exercise was completed, adding, “Reliable coordination with all other rescue units was also confirmed.” The exercise was conducted according to the company’s Emergency Plan. More than 70 rescuers in total were involved in the exercise, where a special technique was used.
Reliable and safe operation of underground gas storage is important in terms of protecting the health of local residents and the environment, while also being a fundamental tool in Slovakia’s energy security.