Offering customers a wide portfolio of new and innovative storage products
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Storage Services

Besides its expansion of storage capacity, NAFTA is also developing new and innovative storage products for its customers. Looking at the success of its inverse storage, reverse storage and storage capacity option projects, NAFTA can be seen as a market leader in innovation.

We are all the time working to build new products in response to current market requirements as we think ahead about further development.

NAFTA is providing its customers with a broad portfolio of gas storage services ranging from storage capacity through individual injection and production services to changes at handover-turnover points. We also provide traditional seasonal products and flexible storage services as part of our portfolio.

Storage Capacity

  • Seasonal Storage Capacity

Seasonal Storage Capacity is our basic storage product allowing customers to use the storage in a seasonal fashion – injecting gas in summer and withdrawing in winter. 

Storage Capacity is sold in bundles as small as 10 GWh and includes around 100-day Injectability and 100-day Deliverability, which can be enhanced by our extra services. Minimum daily gas flow is not restricted and you are free to nominate as little as needed. 

Seasonal Storage Capacity is offered either on firm or interruptible basis. Interruptions occur when conditions caused by technical or operational reasons do not allow us to offer you the storage capacity without some sort of a reduction or interruption.

  • Flexible Storage Capacity

Firm Flexible Storage Capacity represents an advanced storage product that allows you to inject or withdraw gas on any day regardless of the season. Thanks to this flexibility you can multi-cycle your storage and reuse it a number of times throughout the year. Customers are free to renominate counter flow and even change the direction of the flow during the day.

For a full definition of storage products, see The Rules of Operation.

Individual Services

  • Extra Volume

Additional Working Gas Volume lets you increase your gross storage capacity for particular storage contract. Purchasing extra volume, however, does not change the initial value of Injection or Withdrawal rate.

  • Extra Injection / Withdrawal rate

You are able to enhance your Injectability or Deliverability by purchasing additional Injection or Withdrawal rate. Additional rates are offered on firm or interruptible basis. 

The tariff for additional interruptible Injection or Withdrawal rate will be calculated based on the tariff for firm Injection or Withdrawal rate respecting the probability of interruption.

You can book your extra Volume, Injection or Withdrawal rates in your Customer domain.

  • Day-Ahead Rate

Day-Ahead Injection and Withdrawal Rate is an easy-to-use and flexible tool for you to capitalize on price movements or to cover your unexpected physical need. The rates are assigned to you based on the nomination procedure for the following day. For information on the available volumes, click here.

For a full definition of Individual services, see The Rules of Operation.

Additional Services

  • Delivery points switching

For injection into or withdrawal from the gas storage facility we use the following delivery points: Virtual Trading Point (AT), eustream (CZ) or domestic Distribution grid (SK). Delivery points can be changed upon your request anytime throughout the year. The switch may be applied to the whole storage capacity, its part or an individual service.

  • Parallel use of delivery points

For injection into or withdrawal from the gas storage facility you have an opportunity to use more delivery points at the same time. The service may be applied to the whole storage capacity, its part or an individual service

  • Transfer of rights under Gas Storage Agreement

We allow our customers to transfer the exercising of rights arising from their Gas Storage Agreement to the third party. The party to whom these rights are transferred does not become our customer, although we create a new storage account for it.

The transfer of rights under Gas Storage Agreement may refer to Storage Capacity and Individual services, in whole or in part.

  • Transfer of rights and obligations

We allow our customers to transfer their rights and obligations to the third party. The receiving party does become our customer, carrying all rights and obligations arising from the basic gas storage agreement.

The transfer of rights and obligations may refer to the Storage Capacity and Individual services, in whole or in part.

  • Transfer of Gas in Storage

Transfer of gas in storage allows you to transfer natural gas from one storage account to another. The transferred volume of gas is considered withdrawn.

For Additional services booking please go to your Customer domain.

For a full definition of Supplementary services, see The Rules of Operation.

Innovative Products

Innovative products are letting customers take advantage of differences in summer and winter gas prices and even short-term market fluctuations.

  • Option on storage capacity

NAFTA has responded to market needs in an innovative way and has offered a unique gas storage product: an option on storage capacity. The option gives you the right to reserve storage capacity at a fixed price and use it in the following gas year if exercised. The call option allows the customer to exercise the right to call storage capacity by the option’s maturity date. 

The price for this product is composed of 2 components: a premium, payable at the purchase of the option, and a fixed component, paid only if the option is exercised. The customer would bid a premium and if the option is exercised, the customer would pay the fixed component of price for storage.

  • Inverse Storage

Inverse storage is a storage capacity service that provides customers with an already filled storage account immediately upon the start of the first day of storage. When storage ends, the customer terminates the storage period and the storage account is refilled. As the SSO, NAFTA is able to offer inverse storage to a limited extent based on operative optimization of its geological structures.

  • Value - Sharing 

Value sharing is a storage capacity service whose pricing depends on futures prices of natural gas traded on the market and the customer’s ability to utilize them to its own advantage through allocated storage capacity.

  • Framework Agreement

A Framework Agreement makes every additional reservation of storage capacity easy and efficient. For customers, the main advantage of entering into a framework agreement is the ability to contract storage capacity rapidly anytime during the year, even at very small volumes and for very small periods of time.