Offering customers a wide portfolio of new and innovative storage products
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Storage Services

NAFTA is providing its customers with a broad portfolio of gas storage services ranging from storage capacity through individual injection and production services to changes at handover-turnover points.

Storage Capacity

Storage Capacity is sold in bundles as small as 10 GWh that include injection and withdrawal rate. Storage capacity can be further enhanced with our Individual services. Minimum daily gas flow is not restricted and you are free to nominate as little as needed.  

  • Flexible Storage Capacity

    Flexible Storage Capacity represents an advanced storage product that allows you to inject or withdraw gas on any day regardless of the season. Thanks to this flexibility, you can multi-cycle your storage and reuse it throughout the year. Customers are free to renominate or even change the direction of the flow during the day.

  • Seasonal Storage Capacity

    Seasonal Storage Capacity is our basic storage product allowing customers to use the storage in a seasonal fashion – injecting gas during the injection period and withdrawing during the withdrawal period.

  • Storage Capacity with Adjustable Compulsory Flows

    With Storage Capacity with Adjustable Compulsory Flows the customer injects and withdraws gas according to an agreed pattern. This pattern can be adjusted if the customer and NAFTA agree to do so. 

For a full definition of storage products, see The Rules of Operation.

Individual Services

  • Additional Working Volume

    Additional Working Volume lets you increase your storage capacity for a particular storage contract. Acquiring extra volume, however, does not change the initial value of the Injection or Withdrawal Rate.

  • Additional Injection / Withdrawal Rate

    You can enhance the performance of your storage product by purchasing Additional Injection or Withdrawal Rate. Additional rates are offered on firm or interruptible basis. 
    The tariff for additional interruptible Injection or Withdrawal Rate will be calculated based on the tariff for firm Injection or Withdrawal Rate taking into account the probability of interruption. You can book your Additional Volume, Injection or Withdrawal Rates in your Customer domain. 

    You can book your extra Volume, Injection or Withdrawal rates in your Customer domain.

  • Day-Ahead Rate and Within-Day Rate

    Day-Ahead Injection and Withdrawal Rate is an easy-to-use and flexible tool for you to capitalize on price movements or to cover your unexpected physical need. The rates can be booked simply by a nomination for the following day. 
    Similarly, with just a renomination you can request Within-Day rate for additional injection or withdrawal rate for the rest of the current gas day.

For a full definition of Individual services, see The Rules of Operation.

Additional Services

  • Additional Delivery Point

    For injection into or withdrawal from the gas storage facility you have an opportunity to use more delivery points at the same time. The service may be applied to the whole Injection or Withdrawal Rate or its part and for one or more days of the storage period.

  • Change of Delivery Point

    Delivery points can be changed upon your request anytime throughout the contractual storage period. These changes can apply to either the entire storage capacity or to a part of it, as well as to the entire storage period or only a portion thereof, based on your request.

  • Transfer of Gas in Storage 

    Transfer of gas in storage allows you to transfer gas from one storage account to another. The transferred volume of gas is considered withdrawn.

  • Transfer of the exercise of rights under Gas Storage Agreement 

    Storage customers can transfer the exercise of the rights arising from their Gas Storage Agreement, in whole or in part, to a third party. The receiving party does not become our customer, although we do create a new storage account for them.

  • Assignment of the Gas Storage Agreement or a part thereof

    We allow our customers to assign the Gas Storage Agreement or its part to a third party. The receiving party does become our customer, inheriting all rights and obligations stipulated in the original gas storage agreement.

For Additional services booking please go to your Customer domain.

For a full definition of Supplementary services, see The Rules of Operation.

Innovative and Structured Services

  • Inverse Storage

    Inverse storage is a service that offers immediate access to a pre-filled storage account from the first day of the storage period. The customer is then obligated to conclude the storage period with a replenished storage account on its final gas day.

  • Option on storage capacity

    The option gives you the right to reserve storage capacity at a fixed price and use it only if the option is exercised  by the option’s maturity date. 
    The price for this product is composed of 2 components: a premium, payable at the time of purchasing the option, and a fixed component, paid only if the option is exercised.

  • Framework Agreement

    A Framework Agreement streamlines the process of making additional reservations for storage capacity, ensuring ease and efficiency. For customers, the primary benefit of entering into a Framework Agreement lies in the ability to swiftly secure storage capacity at any point throughout the year, even for small volumes and short durations.

Other services

  • Operational merger and Operational demerger

    Customer’s gas can be registered in a joint storage account for several Gas Storage Agreements, or we can maintain multiple storage accounts for one Gas Storage Agreement

  • REMIT Reporting 

    NAFTA can report the end-of-day volumes of stored gas on behalf of the Customer to ACER.

  • Administrative Support of Customer’s Gas-in-store Financing

    Customers looking to gain access to more favorable financing conditions have the option to enter into a trilateral agreement between NAFTA, the customer and the financing institution and use their stored gas as a security instrument.