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We are looking for synergies in renewables and stressing safety in operations
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Health, safety and environment

Responsibility toward the environment is one of our top priorities.

All activities take place with respect and care for the environment and we are systematically assessing risks with the aim toward achieving sustainable development. An integral part is especially educating our staff in environmental protection. In current operations, NAFTA is looking for optimal solutions to minimize its impact on the environment while, in newly established operations, we are proposing optimal solutions to meet best practices and strict criteria. What NAFTA is doing to reduce our environmental footprint goes beyond what the law requires, with legislative restrictions the essential minimum. Internal and external control activities and the subsequent resolution of disagreements and recommendations for continuous improvement consistently fulfill these objectives.

The company’s commitment to the environment has also been underscored by the responsible shutdown of completed activities and a dedication to promote projects aimed at environmental protection. We take a responsible approach toward shutting down centers and wells through cleanups, technical or biological reclamation of the land and either reincorporating it into the surrounding wilderness or returning it to agricultural use.

A major element in the corporate commitment to the environment is the search of synergies between our activities and renewable energy. Thanks to our extensive know-how and advanced technological infrastructure, we believe that the gas sector is the ideal partner for the development of renewable resources in the future.

Methane emissions

NAFTA also sought to lower methane emissions, which the natural gas sector is actively addressing. NAFTA is involved in various international working groups and studies concentrating on reducing methane. Information is provided by us on measures and values for methane emissions at our operations for the purpose of taking action.


Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

NAFTA’s core values include professional performance and responsibility that contributes toward increasing safety on the job. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the safety of our employees at operations, which is also associated with our role as a stable pillar of secure gas supplies. The company aims to continuously improve the level of operational safety, especially in prevention. It is paying due attention to process safety and applying various best practices.

Evidence of the high quality and expertise are the evaluations of above standard compliance that are reported by external audit companies during regular audits.

NAFTA has put an integrated management system (IMS) in place to document its corporate structure, process management, employee responsibility and procedures for delivering a quality product and services. The role of IMS is to integrate all related aspects of business management into a single system for easier management, assessment and operation.

NAFTA is regularly evaluated by outside audit companies whose audits focus on maintaining and improving standards and managing underground repairs at wells, drilling and exploration. In the subsequent year, NAFTA’s ISO 9 001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications were defended, affirming its professionalism in quality management, environmental protection and also occupational health and safety. Certification was expanded to cover internationally recognized standards that meet high occupational safety and health requirements. Underground repair of wells and drilling themselves and the NAFTA employees working in those areas hold Safety Certificates for Contractors (SCC).

The level and scope of knowledge is increasing through personal certification as part of NAFTA’s commitment to continuous improvement and employee training. Employees involved in management of workovers and drilling are certified by the International Well Control Forum (IWCF), an independent international organization that focuses on professional training, accreditation and certification in the control of exploration and production wells for both the oil and gas industries.

  • Support Services UGS

A major role is also played by the Main Mining Rescue Station, with a team of experienced rescuers in readiness for different types of emergency situations. This team of professionals is additionally active in specific maintenance and investment to guarantee safety and prevent accidents.

The Main Mining Reascue Station provides their own experience and professional technology for internal needs and also for external partners.

More information can be found at Support Services UGS.

  • The Code of Conduct of NAFTA

The NAFTA Corporate Code of Conduct expresses the commitment by both the company and its employees to comply with applicable laws and the principles of ethics and morality. It covers all corporate staff including managers and members of statutory bodies. The Code defines NAFTA’s core values, its relationships with external partners and also relationships inside the company.

  • We have ten Commandments of Workplace Safety

Ten life-saving rules to protect the health of NAFTA staff and raise awareness about it. They are an important part of our preventive safety programs and strict compliance with them is enabling NAFTA to avoid unwanted situations. These rules apply to both NAFTA employees and outside contractors. 

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