Exploration and Production

The Exploration and Production Division has held a pivotal place in NAFTA’s history together with the UGS group, thanks to its extensive experience, its strong team of skilled professionals and a great success rate. For some time, NAFTA's E&P has, for obvious reasons, examined options to expand its activities beyond Slovakian territories. Upon participating in Rounds and evaluating Farm-in offers, NAFTA endeavours to build up a respective portfolio. Currently, NAFTA E&P seeks participation as a long term partner in E&P exploration/development ventures.

Production of gas in Slovakia currently totals around 90 mcm. Production of oil is concentrated mainly in the Zahorie Basin, mainly near Malacky and Gbely. Here too, NAFTA is exploiting their knowledge and experience applying methods used in advanced European markets. The produced oil is subsequently treated by NAFTA in its own facilities and is then dispatched to domestic and foreign customers.
NAFTA is making progress in exploration too; in 2012, we drilled 7 exploration wells in total which are currently being tested to prove producible hydrocarbon reserves. Further drilling projects are scheduled in the near future, based on data obtained from already performed exploration activities.
"In compliance with provisions of Act 251/2012 Coll. On Energy as amended and in line with Business Terms and Conditions to Access and Use Production Network of NAFTA, we would like to announce the following: "No part of the Production Network of NAFTA is available in 2019."