Drilling and workover

NAFTA provides workover and drilling services for internal and external clients and has extensive experience in workover and drilling projects in Slovakia and abroad. 

Workover, drilling and slickline services of the company are certified according to the standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and SCCP.

Our employees were named Safety Certificate Contractors, complying with internationally recognized standards that meet high occupational safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

Our team is capable of drilling various types of wells to depths of up to 2,500 m and performing workovers at 4,000 m with its current equipment.

Drilling and workover services

- Well and workover design
- Workover and drilling supervision
- Wellsite preparation
- Slick line services
- Machine toolshop
- Wellhead services
- High pressure pumping and testing
- Plug cementing services
- Packer running services
- Milling and underreaming services
- Gravel pack services
- SSSV installation services (Baker type)
- Tubular running services
- Geological control of drilling
- Defectoscopy
- Disposal of underground water

Drilling and workover rigs

Our two drilling and workover crews currently operate the following rigs.

Workover rigs

- DIR 3009, hook load 90 t

Drilling rig

- BIR 8005, hook load 160 t.

Workover and drilling rigs

- GVS 3070, hook load 70 t
- DRILLMEC MR 4000 DB, hook load 90 t


This is a modern mobile workover rig built on a Tatra carrier capable of drilling up to 1,800 metres and undertaking workover at a depth of up to 2,500 metres. The rig was put into operation in 2014.

- Mechanic mobile rig
- Maximum hook load - 90 t
- Maximum depth for workover – 2,500 m
- Total height in working position – 32.6 m
- Soundproofed Caterpillar C11 engine
- 300 HP drawworks with disc, auxiliary and safety brakes
- Internal guyline (anchoring) system and compact layout
- Built on special Tatra carrier with maximum speed of 75 km/h
- Total weight when transported - 55 t
- Compact dimensions when transported – 17.6 x 2.5 x 3.98 m
- Steerable front and rear axles – short turning radius (14.6 m)
- API, ATEX and CE certified and homologized for European traffic


- Data Acquisition System – electronic system for monitoring and recording of workover parameters
- Hydraulic pipe handler – increases level of safety and automation during transferring of drill pipes and tubing from pipe racks to drill floor
- Mud Gas Separator –Poorboy type for workover with H2S presence