Individual services

Extra Volume

Additional Working Gas Volume lets you increase your gross storage capacity for particular storage contract. Purchasing extra volume, however, does not change the initial value of Injection or Withdrawal rate.
Extra Injection / Withdrawal rate
You are able to enhance your Injectability or Deliverability by purchasing additional Injection or Withdrawal rate. Additional rates are offered on firm or interruptible basis. 
The tariff for additional interruptible Injection or Withdrawal rate will be calculated based on the tariff for firm Injection or Withdrawal rate respecting the probability of interruption.
You can book your extra Volume, Injection or Withdrawal rates in your Customer domain
Day-Ahead Rate
Day-Ahead Injection and Withdrawal Rate is an easy-to-use and flexible tool for you to capitalize on price movements or to cover your unexpected physical need. The rates are assigned to you based on the nomination procedure for the following day. For information on the available volumes, click here.
For a full definition of Individual services, see The Rules of Operation.