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NAFTA a.s. invests its own funds in exploration and production. Potential production will not cost taxpayers a cent.

NAFTA a.s. has released together with foreign partner Vermillion Energy their verification of the Trnava exploration area’s hydrocarbon potential. Both of them are looking to drill three exploration wells in the cadastral district of Malženice.

NAFTA a.s. is investing its own resources and additionally its long-standing know-how into exploration along with Vermillion Energy. Depending on the eventual size, the amount could run into the tens of millions of euros.

In 2017, NAFTA a.s. and Vermillion Energy conducted a 3D seismic survey over a 250 square-kilometer area in the region around Trnava. Their evaluation of seismic data identified promising drilling prospects. More than 9 million euros have been spent by NAFTA a.s. and Vermillion Energy to date on this exploration.

NAFTA foresees significant potential at the location, which could increase domestic production from the current 1% of Slovakia’s total consumption to 10%. If authorization goes according to the schedule set by legislation, natural gas could be flowing in 2 to 3years.



NAFTA also supports local events aimed at environmental protection

NAFTA operates in several regions across Slovakia. Whether landowners, local authorities or area businesses, NAFTA values its relationships with everybody at any location. Within these regions, it manages a sponsorship program that supports local communities, regional green development and education.
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NAFTA is an international company with extensive experience in natural gas storage and underground facility development in Slovakia. It is also Slovakia’s leader in exploration and production of hydrocarbons. In Europe, the company actively operates gas storage facilities, explores and produces hydrocarbons and participates in renewable energy storage projects. In addition to Slovakia, the company is present in the Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, and Ukraine.

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NAFTA provides development, engineering and advisory services for facilities with overall storage capacity of approximately 64 TWh.

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