For shareholders

SPP Infrastructure, a.s. holds the majority 56.15 % stake; Czech Gas Holding Investment B.V. owns a 40.45 % stake.
Dividend payment for 2016

At the Extraordinary general meeting of NAFTA shareholders held on 25 July 2017, the submitted proposal to distribute earnings and proposed rules of dividend payment for 2016 were approved, including the payment method, under which shareholders are entitled to EUR 25,13* per share. * (For individual shareholders required to have health insurance in the Slovak Republic - dividends paid out will be less the amount withheld for payment to the insurance company by 14%).
Unclaimed dividends for prior years, will be paid if requested in written by the shareholder. Unclaimed dividends up to EUR 1,700 can be also paid at the cash office of NAFTA on a pre-determined date in the company office at Mlynské nivy 44/c, 825 11 Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Before collecting your dividends from the cash office, please contact us (at least 1 day prior to that) by calling the following numbers:
Alica Kandová – +421 2 40424 2585 –
Ivana Ragasová – +421 2 4024 2531 -