Storage Capacity

Seasonal Storage Capacity

Seasonal Storage Capacity is our basic storage product allowing customers to use the storage in a seasonal fashion – injecting gas in summer and withdrawing in winter. 
Storage Capacity is sold in bundles as small as 10 GWh and includes around 100-day Injectability and 100-day Deliverability, which can be enhanced by our extra services. 
Minimum daily gas flow is not restricted and you are free to nominate as little as needed. 
Seasonal Storage Capacity is offered either on firm or interruptible basis. Interruptions occur when conditions caused by technical or operational reasons do not allow us to offer you the storage capacity without some sort of a reduction or interruption.
Flexible Storage Capacity
Firm Flexible Storage Capacity represents an advanced storage product that allows you to inject or withdraw gas on any day regardless of the season. Thanks to this flexibility you can multi-cycle your storage and reuse it a number of times throughout the year. 
Customarily, Flexible Storage Capacity is offered with Injection and Withdrawal Rates on a flat profile. Customers are free to renominate counter flow and even change the direction of the flow during the day.
For a full definition of storage products, see The Rules of Operation.