1913 Discovery of crude oil reservoir in Gbely, Slovakia (then Austria-Hungary)

1914 Beginning of industrial oil production in Slovakia

1927 Annual oil production in Gbely totals 9,146 tons

1940 First exploration activities based on gravitation and magnetism data

1946 Merger of oil industry in Slovakia and Bohemia

1950 Start of commercial use of gas as by-product from oil extraction  

1952 First seismic campaign

1958 Start of intensive gas connections in Slovakia 

1959 Peak natural gas production in Slovakia – 1.3 bcm a year

1963 Oil production in Slovakia reaches 84.5 thousand tons a year 

1965 Beginning of natural gas production in Eastern Slovakia

1966 Development of the concept of converting depleted fields into underground gas storage

1970 Construction of transmission pipeline Brotherhood from Russia across Slovakia 

1971 Construction of underground gas storage facilities in the Vienna Basin in Western Slovakia

1972 First 2D seismic campaign using CRP techniques

1973 First cubic metres of natural gas flow to underground gas storage facilities 

1975 Deepest oil well drilled in Sastin 12 (6 505 m)

1977 Test operation of the 1st stage of UGS Lab with annual storage capacity of 200 mcm

1979 Completion of the 2nd stage of UGS Lab – annual storage capacity increased to 350 mcm  

1980 Discovery of extensive new reservoir in Gajary-Baden 

1984 Launch of the 3rd stage of UGS Lab 

1988 UGS complex Lab reaches capacity of 1.7 bcm and daily injection/withdrawal rate of 20 mcm 

1988 First 3D seismic campaign performed in the Vienna Basin

1993 Pozagas Company founded by NAFTA and its partners 

1997 Completion of the 4th stage of UGS Lab  

2003 Strategic decision to form two core businesses: Underground Gas Storage (UGS) and Exploration and Production (E&P)

2005-2011 Vienna Basin Cooperation Project - the first deep well drilled in the Pre-neogene - joint venture in 2010

2006 Underground storage capacity increased to almost 2 bcm thanks to technical optimization 

2008 Construction of a new UGS Gajary-Baden storage facility started

2011 2nd stage of UGS Gajary-Baden launched – total UGS capacity of NAFTA reaches 2.3 bcm 

2012 NAFTA is first in Europe to launch an Option Product 

2014 Completion of Gajary-Baden development project – UGS capacity reaches 2.5 bcm

2015 NAFTA partners with RAG to construct a testing storage facility for renewable energy

2016 NAFTA announces partnership with Cub Energy Inc. to develop Uzhgorod field in Western Ukraine

2016 NAFTA signed agreements with Vermilion Energy to develop Trnava project in Western Slovakia

2017 NAFTA together with its partners realized 3D seismic acquisition in Trnava, Slovakia and Uzhgorod, Ukraine

2018 Nafta acquires underground gas storage facilities Breitbrunn/ Eggstätt, Inzenham - West a Wolfersberg) from DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG in Bavaria

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