Underground gas storage Velke Kapusany

Name of the project
Underground gas storage Velke Kapusany
Project description
Underground gas storage Velke Kapusany aims to support the security of the supply of gas deliveries in the region and to intensify market integration of EU member states – PL, SK, HU, additionally including also the neighboring market of Ukraine. The project will support a priority gas corridor in the European Union (NSI East Gas) and will have a significant cross-border impact on neighboring countries. The project is characterized by its strategic location at the east border of the EU in close vicinity to one of Russia’s main gas import entry gates into the EU – the compressor station Velke Kapusany, which lies at the junction point of 3 existing and 2 planned routes of transmission pipelines. At the present, there is no support of any storage facility in this part of Slovakia. The construction of an underground gas storage facility with a direct connection to the compressor station Velke Kapusany will also result in strengthening the status of this interconnection gas node. With an assumed intensification of commercial activities a consecutive transformation of this node to a gas HUB is expected.
A possible positive aspect of the planned UGS that is being considered is the fact, that its compressors could be powered by waste heat from the existing compressors at Velke Kapusany. This will have a positive ecological impact as there is no presumption of an increase in additional emissions in the region due the operation of a new UGS in such a case.
Technical parameters of the project
-      340 mcm of new storage capacity
-      Withdrawal rate 3,75 mcm/day
-      Injection rate 3,75 mcm/day
-      Expected scheduled construction year (start of construction): to be confirmed
Velke Kapusany (surface technology) – Ptruksa (geological structure)
The existing depleted gas field is situated approx. 1km westward from the Ukrainian border. Further details are depicted on the map below.
Contact details of project promoter
NAFTA a.s.
Votrubova 1
821 09 Bratislava
Slovenská republika
Contact persons:
Ladislav Barkoci (email: info@nafta.sk)